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From Pheasants to Giraffes…


So from Monday 18th August, I started on my journey as a Social Mediator at Green Umbrella – a fun yet professional Social Media and Online Marketing agency.

It was a tough decision to leave my position as Marketing Manager at William Powell, not only because it was in an industry I’m incredibly passionate about (Fieldsports and The Countryside), but also because when you work for a considerable length of time for a family run business, you become, in a sense part of the family – but life (much like a Woodcock or Grouse) can dart about in different directions from time to time – and for now it’s time to try something new.

The fit is perfect, having now studied and worked in Marketing for nearly 10 years, it’s clear that while print media isn’t dead, for a business to succeed in today’s current climate, digital marketing and social media really does need to form part of an overall marketing strategy – and I love digital marketing!

Under the watchful eye of Julia Doherty founder of Green Umbrella I’ll be acting as Social Mediator for several clients across varying industries, and in addition doing some blog writing (big WordPress fan) and some coaching too (this is where the infamous Green Umbrella giraffe comes in to action, if you’re curious why not enquire about some coaching!).


Giraffe Photographed by Peter Miller

Pheasant Photographed by Robert Pittman