Never miss an opportunity

Social media is visual – fact. If you want your social media strategy to work for you, and you want to see you engagement rate increase, you simply must utilise images and videos, and even more importantly they absolutely must be copyright free (don’t pinch adverts, not only does it put you at risk of being sued for mis-use of images, but that’s the property of hard working photographers, you wouldn’t walk in to an art gallery or photographic studio and just take an image off the wall would you?!).

So the simple answer is – take your own!

Images shared on blogs and social media platforms don’t have to be picture perfect, they don’t have to be perfectly lit, with outstanding composition (although it helps if you can actually work out what the photo is of), they simply need to get a reaction, tell a story, or make someone smile enough for them to want to engage with it, be it sharing, tagging, commenting or simply liking!

Time is not an excuse.

We all have busy lives, but we nearly all have mobile phones with cameras, it takes moments to snap something funny or inspiring and share it online, so whether you’re out walking across the fields and see the sun streaming across a contented highland cow, or you’re in the office and the bosses dog is flat out on the office floor, never miss an opportunity! If the moment inspired you enough to capture it, chances are it will inspire someone else enough to engage with it.

**Just remember you have a brand to represent and potentially a boss to report to – so be sensible!**


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