Eat the Seasons – Damsons

Damsons are notoriously at their best in September – but I won’t be the only one that’s noticed that the seasons appear to be a little out of kilter this year with trees being full of Damsons throughout August.

For those that don’t know, Damons are similar to plums and form part of the rose family – they are a stoned fruit and aren’t usually eaten raw because they are seriously bitter!

This August is the first time I’ve experimented at all with Damsons, but with the abundance that there were in the hedgerows near my house it seemed a shame not to.

So Damson Jam and Damson Cordial it was! Originally I was going to make Damson Gin, but seemed mental to me to pick harvest the hedgerows for free and then go and spend £20.00 on a bottle of gin (I’ll save that for the sloes later on!), so settled for cordial.


The Damson Jam was a doddle to make – other than boiling the fruit and picking the stones out one by one, and the cordial was an overnight jobby – recipe courtesy of ‘Preserves’ by Pam ‘The Jam’ Corbin – part of the River Cottage Handbook range.

They look great – yet to report on flavour!


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